Staff is important.  But maybe none more than the person you leave in charge of the day to day dealings of your business, your office manager.  Your manager deals with your staff, manages projects, interacts with potential clients.  Are you certain they are representing your company professionally?

We are in the process of reaching out to various vendors for the marketplace for the Masquerade Ball. We place a call to Phillip Herman Art to see if they would be interested in participating.  After a 3 minute phone conversation the office manager, realizing that we weren’t hiring them for the event, proceeds to thank me for wasting her time and hangs up on me.

I still am amazed at how shortsighted people can be. You never know who is on the other line and rudeness should never be an option especially when a simple “we’re not interested” would do.  Common decency aside, you’ve now ostracized a potential referral client because common courtesy was too much of an effort.

Your brand is a delicate flower and it takes care and effort to ensure that it’s not tarnished.  Are you sure your office manager is representing you well?