I was talking with a colleague of mine, a fellow print industry professional and she was telling me about a conversation she had with one of her clients. The client was looking to redo his business cards and he told her he wanted something off the wall amazing but he didn’t want to spend any money.  She responded, “Business cards are like hookers, you can have amazing or you can have cheap but you can’t have both.”

Having never personally enlisted the services of a lady of the night, this is purely speculation but it is a basic business premise.  Quite often clients come into the office with a long wishlist.  When you’re dreaming, money is no object. But like everything in business, more costs more.  For many of our clients, we are nurturing their dreams; the companies they have poured their lifeblood into.  Of course, they want nothing less than the best for their child.

The trick comes in balancing the dream with the reality. My mother always used to tell me I had champagne taste with a beer budget. Don’t we all?  How do you manage client expectations?

Monica Jones
President, 3D Studios

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