If you run a business, hiring is an unavoidable part of the process but hiring and training new staff is costly and time consuming eliciting the adage ‘Hire Slow. Fire Fast.’

Your employees are the life blood of your company and are responsible for many facets of the day-to-day operation. For this reason, you need to be certain that the people you have chosen to represent and protect your brand are up to the task. Does your staff represent your brand well?

When I started 3D Studios 20 years ago, the landscape was distinctly different.  People stayed at their jobs longer. There was a greater sense of loyalty and in general things were much simpler.  But now you must evolve or die and your staff plays a huge role in how effective you are in that endeavor.

There is nothing more costly than a bad employee. Back in the day when I was a graphic designer working in an in-house design department, there was an employee who systematically sabotaged every new hire that came into the office in order to make himself look good.  Projects had to be redone and no one stayed at the company more than a few months because he created so much drama. They had hired him because he was a well respected designer and talented at his job but he was a nightmare in every other area and cost the company more money than he was worth.

The key to dealing with an employee like that is not to hire him in the first place. There are warning signs when you interview someone that should clue you in to a potential disaster waiting in the wings.  Learn to see them before it’s too late.  A bad employee can quickly and irrevocably damage your Brand.

5 warning signs of a bad hire:

  1. Their resume is full of typos. If you receive a resume full of typos, the person should never even make it to the interview stage.  Throw that bad boy in the garbage and never look back.  If they didn’t put any effort into their resume, how seriously are they taking the job?
  2. Your spidey senses are tingling.  I know this sounds like a joke but far from it.  I have made more decisions that I can count based on my gut and it never lets me down. Trust yours.  If your gut is telling you this person is going to be a disaster in the making, move on to the next candidate. (Important caveat: Make sure you check yourself for biases based on things like race or cultural differences.)
  3. They are late for the interview.  There are some basic rules of etiquette when it comes to the interview process. One is never ever arrive late.  If this person doesn’t value the job enough to leave a good first impression by arriving on time, what exactly do you think will happen once they have the job?
  4. Their choice of attire.  Now I want to put an asterisk next to this one as well. I believe that if you have the means you should dress the part and if you don’t then it speaks to the greater issue of preparation and lack of true interest in the job.  But there are those for whom the job may be their gateway to a step up in life.  And in this case, I don’t feel that someone should be penalized for not having a $500 suit and tie.  Clean, well pressed and neat.  Those are non-negotiables.
  5. Their penchant for drama.  Believe it or not this particular personality trait comes through in the interview process if you listen for it.  They rarely accept responsibility and often place the blame on others when something goes wrong. Stay as far away from these personalities as possible.  They will wreak havoc in the office.

With the cost of acquiring new staff steadily rising and competition for the best and the brightest being at an all-time high, it’s important to make certain your staff is happy and appreciated for their efforts. Be careful not to add a toxic element to the mix. Heed the warning signs and get out before it’s too late.

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