4282658992_3e72772b5d-300x200McDonald’s, king of fast food for decades, is in trouble. It used to be when you looked at a successful franchise model, you needn’t look any further than McD’s. That is no longer the case.  McDonald’s has been mired in controversy for months and their brand has been severely damaged.

What’s so perplexing is how little they seem to understand about the mess they’re in.  With article after article emerging about the quality of their food, what do they do?  They go to their marketing department and come up with a “Hug” campaign. If people no longer want your product, giving it away for free isn’t going to help you.  It’s tantamount to putting lipstick on a pig.  At the end of the day it’s still a pig.

Their lack of understanding of brand management is stunning. There comes a point where marketing can only take you so far.  McDonald’s will continue to falter until they address the core problem which is a basic distrust with the quality of their products and the integrity of the company. Until they address that, no amount of hugs will save them.


Monica Jones

3D Studios

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