Hit ’em where they ain’t.

There was a club player at my old tennis club who was notoriously difficult to beat. His style wasn’t flashy. He didn’t have a huge serve or anything like that. What he had was a mantra: ‘Hit ’em where they ain’t.’ Now, this may seem like obvious advice but it is extremely difficult to accomplish. But let’s use that analogy for business for a moment.

Competition for clients is increasing exponentially.  It’s more difficult to stand out and even more difficult still to reach outside of your circle of influence.  Add to that, the million different vehicles that are competing for your attention and you have a perfect storm and a nightmare for business owners.

I was recently talking with a potential client about various marketing options for their business.  They are a commercial real estate agency comprised of five co-owners.  These guys had been working together for 30+ years but were realizing that it was becoming more and more difficult to access business outside of their established book of contacts.  While we were discussing the possible channels they could pursue, one of the owners lamented that this isn’t how they were used to doing business.  As a business owner of a boutique branding firm for 20+ years, I sympathize.  It is a different world now. What you did twenty years ago isn’t likely to be sufficient to keep your business thriving today and we need to learn to adapt.

But that brings me back to ‘Hit ’em where they ‘ain’t.’  Everyone is focused on social media as a means to grow their client base. It is undeniably an excellent way to reach new audiences who are interested in your goods and services.  But everyone is doing it. You are continually bombarded with ads and service offers. It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. But social media marketing is not the only way.  You need to mix up your marketing efforts to determine where is the best use of your time and dollars.

I’m gonna say something shocking.  Direct mail is still an excellent marketing vehicle.  To position your brand, you need to be able to stand out and get people’s attention.  Direct mail, while an overused method ten or fifteen years ago, is underutilized now. Think about your mailbox today compared to just a few years ago – There is significantly less clutter, paving the way for a more productive and effective direct mail campaign.

The components of an effective direct mail campaign are pretty straightforward. And as with all forms of marketing, there are pros and cons to building this type of campaign.

Work with an established marketing or branding firm to develop a strategy that works for your business.  Get in front of your target market and hit ’em where they ain’t!

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