1. suspicion
2. a suspect
3. suspicious


My colleague and I were finalizing some paperwork to cut a check to a new vendor.  While discussing the details, Sonya says to me “I don’t know, this company seems a bit sus to me, their website looks different from the quote they sent over.  The logo doesn’t match and her contact information isn’t listed anywhere.  None of the branding is the same.”  I told her if she didn’t feel comfortable dealing with them we would go back to the drawing board and find a more reputable place.

But this brings up an interesting point.  We like to think of branding as a calling card, a promise of what clients can expect.  But it’s more than that.  It’s the face of your organization, the message to a prospective client that you’re a legitimate company worthy of their time and money.  In this day and age, visual branding isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity and it could mean the difference between acquiring new business or scaring them away.

What do customers see when they look at your company? Is it sus?


Monica Jones
President, 3D Studios

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