Who is your target customer?  The business landscape is decidedly different than it was when I started my business 20+ years ago.  There are more businesses competing for the same space – there’s more noise and attention spans are much shorter.  This means you have to be more creative and more dedicated to your marketing efforts.  Businesses who put their marketing on the back burner are destined to be relegated to the annals of history as failed experiments.

Despite the myriad changes, there has remained one constant principle. Know Your Customer…know their habits, know their needs, understand their pain points and offer solutions to solve them.  Customer research should be a cornerstone in your marketing arsenal. No one cares about what you do. They care about what you do for them.

I was having a conversation with a colleague. I jokingly commented that I was going to write a blog post about my top 10 time-saving business apps.  She responded by suggesting that I cut it down to 5 because, in her target market, anything more than that is too much content. But here is the key point. She and I work in adjacent industries but with very different target customers. While her base is the small solopreneur and micro business, my company focuses on larger more established businesses with a greater number of employees and a higher annual revenue.  The reason that matters is this: Research has found that longer and more technical content ranks better for SEO and is shared at a much higher rate. (adding the caveat that it needs to be unique, informative, well-written, and most of all relevant to your target users.) For me to reach my target market I need to produce hi-quality, technical content.  

This speaks to a very specific point. Do you know how to reach your target market? The key to the client engagement process lies in creating buyer personas that can develop an in-depth understanding of who you’re trying to reach? Even within the same industry, there are submarkets and depending on how you position your Brand in the marketplace, can determine to a great degree the type of client you attract.

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