How often do you talk to your clients?  I bet not enough.  We live in a digital world.  Anything and everything can be done at the click of a button.  But nothing replaces the personal touch.   

At 3D, we consider our clients like family. Conversations to catch up on the latest news about the grandkids or a holiday vacation are par for the course.  But work can get crazy, and more often than not, we barely have time for the million and one things the business requires to function. It’s understandable why a seemingly superfluous conversation about the women’s final at Wimbledon wouldn’t necessarily rank high on the list of priorities. But it should.

I have longtime a client who I had been hounding for years to update his website because it was, quite frankly, a mess.  But knowing that it wasn’t in his budget at the time I put the nudging on the back burner certain that when the time came and he was ready, he would give me a call.  When you work with a customer for a long time, you develop an understanding of what that client needs without it necessitating a lot of conversation.  We had passed the last couple of years exchanging emails when things needed to be done.  It is a very efficient means of communicating.

So when the client sent out his quarterly email and I clicked on the link, I got a shock. What did I find? His brand new website!! I was flabbergasted. This was a very loyal client and we had never had any problems in our working relationship. So what happened?  I picked up the phone to find out.

**Phone Rings**
Me: Hey Harry, How are you?
Harry: Oh, Hi Monica, great! How are things going on your end?
Me: Pretty well.  But I just noticed you redid your website.  I’ve been hounding you for years.  Why didn’t you call me?!
Harry: (Sheepishly) Oh my goodness Monica, it never even occurred to me. We are on such autopilot with the print advertising that I didn’t even think about the website.  I am so very sorry.
Me:  No worries Harry, it’s my fault because I haven’t checked in with you for quite some time.  

This makes a very interesting point.  Your client engagement strategies should not be one size fits all. We have clients with whom we speak regularly, they need a lot of hand-holding and we spend a good deal of time working with them on their brand strategy and mission.  But we have plenty of clients for whom it isn’t really necessary to speak on a regular basis to get things done. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up the phone to say ‘hello.’

My lesson is that I didn’t follow my own advice. I let the technology get in the way of the business.  Business should be personal always.  Client engagement isn’t a science. Your clients are loyal because you provide a great product or service but also because they like working with you.

There are many different ways to stay top of mind and while I’m not a big advocate for regular in-person visits because of the sheer cost involved, there’s no reason you can’t just pick up the phone and say ‘Hi.’

Your Brand is how your customers perceive your company.  Make sure that the impression is a great one.


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