In real estate, more than many other industries, the lead is the coin of the realm.

Lead generation for real estate (the marketing process of building interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline) can come in various forms.  The key is to create a system that works and to capitalize on it.

Commercial and residential real estate firms will profit from developing a strategy that can be implemented by both the agency as well as its agents. The most successful firms support their agents by providing a robust marketing engine in which to drive sales.  After all, their success is your success.

A mix of creativity and good ‘ole fashioned teamwork can make all the difference in creating an effective real estate lead generation platform. Let’s look at some ‘must haves’.

Copy Writing: How many other agencies are you competing with to attract the same clients? Why would they choose you over your competition? Excellent copy writing can be one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your firm and stand out from the crowd.  Hire a professional that can tell your unique story and connect potential clients to you on an emotional level.  

Photography: Now this would seem like an obvious choice but you would not believe how many agencies skimp on photography and create sub par listings as a result.  Humans are visual creatures.  Draw them in with beautiful professional photography of your properties and your agents.

Website Optimization:  Optimizing your site for a high ranking in google combined with properly optimized blog posts and landing pages will provide a constant stream of warm leads to your door. Attempting to run an agency without a properly optimized site (or none at all) is folly. Hire a professional to design and manage your site.  Implement a content marketing strategy to point those customers in your direction.

Brand Ambassadors: The best marketing is always word of mouth – ready-made clients at your door because someone they trust extolled your virtues and urged them to seek you out.  Help your agents build a rapport with current and past clients to create brand ambassadors. A bi-monthly check-up phone call is all it takes to keep the agents and the agency top of mind.

Building a strong sales funnel takes hard work, time and patience. Get a leg up on the competition with a marketing assessment. We’ll show you where you can improve and increase marketing efforts to increase your monthly sales.

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