How long do you expect to stay in business if your customers don’t like dealing with you?  Too often good customer service is treated like an afterthought instead of a necessity.  Excellent Customer Service = Customer Loyalty and Retention.  Seems obvious enough.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why it’s such a difficult concept to master.

During the course of a client venue search, I came across a location that I thought would be perfect.  It had just the right coolness factor.  There was only one problem.  Their customer service was basically non-existent. They didn’t answer the phone, they didn’t return phone calls or emails.  I’m not going to chase you to give you my business.  After ‘dealing’ with them for almost 2 months, they came back to me with nothing I had asked for.  They didn’t even have the correct time on the contract.

What does that tell me as a potential customer?  To me, it says they don’t value my business. Unless you have the only widget or gadget in the world that does what it does, somewhere on the planet there is another company that does what you do.  Why does that matter?  Because it means that your customer has chosen you.  Don’t take that choice for granted. We are in a global economy and competition is at an all-time high. You are not the only game in town and people will choose to work with you based on how you treat them.

Something so simple can make such a difference.  The customer experience should be pleasant, enjoyable and beneficial for the consumer.  A happy, satisfied customer is your greatest asset.  They will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.  They will be a walking advertisement for your business.  Of course, the flip side of that coin is an unhappy customer.  As fast as positive reviews spread, negative ones spread even faster.  How difficult is it to get from under the fallout of an angry client who is trashing you all over town? VERY.  Be proactive.  Handle situations when they arise.  Take responsibility for your mistakes. (even if they’re not technically yours)

Ultimately, it’s your reputation that is on the line.  And reputation is everything.

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