You’re hosting an event…your annual fundraiser or special corporate function. How do you choose the right photographer for the job? Event photography is a niche within the larger subset of commercial photography.  Your search should begin there.

Professional photographers can be found on practically every street corner.  Cameras are more sophisticated and as a result, everyone fancies themselves a professional photographer. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. While the equipment is important, it should be a secondary concern when choosing a photographer.  The camera is just a tool. What you’re paying for is the photographer’s eye, her creative vision.

5 tips on selecting the right photographer for your event:

  1. Begin your search with photographers who specialize in event photography. There is an art to capturing an event and not everyone is good at it. There is more to it than just clicking the shutter. You only get one shot to do it right.
  2. Ask for a list of references. This is the best way to gauge the experience of past clients. A few quick phone calls go a long way to gaining valuable insight into the professionalism of the prospective photographer.
  3. View their portfolio (in person or online). This is an absolutely critical step. It will not only allow you to see the quality of their work but also the style of the photographer.
  4. Understand their style. You should know before meeting what kind of images you want to capture. Candids, groups, portraits. Be certain that the photographer is comfortable shooting in the style you’re looking for and has examples in their portfolio.
  5. Get a quote. Event photography pricing varies widely. The more experience a photographer has, often the more expensive their hourly rate.  You should weigh this against the importance of the event.

Corporate event photography will be used in publications, brochures, and online properties. Be certain to select a photographer who will represent your brand well.  Poorly executed photos do not reflect well. Remember, image is everything and first impressions matter.

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