What do I do?!  Do I really need to design a logo?  The answer is a surprisingly simple ‘yes’. The logo is the visual representation of your Brand.  It is the visual symbol of your company or organization that helps you to be more easily recognizable. 

Can a company survive without a logo? Certainly.  Should they? No. The logo is the starting point for your branding efforts and will set the tone for all the marketing materials that follow. Your logo should be simple, easy to reproduce on your marketing materials and capable of conveying the overall meaning and value proposition of your company.

Companies like eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo have all updated their logos at one time or another. Logos, like websites, executive portraits, and other marketing components periodically need a refresh.  Design styles change over time and if you don’t update your image, you run the risk of being perceived as being stale and out of date – things no business owner wants to be associated with their company.

A logo, like your brochure or website, should be a part of your marketing budget.  The visual identity of your company is one of the most important and influential pieces of marketing capital you can control.  Perception is reality.  Make sure the impression you leave is a good one.

Work with a design firm to help you craft the perfect image for your brand. Forgo the inclination to ‘do it yourself’ and hire a qualified professional to start you on the right path to marketing success.

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