No one wants to lose business. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into building a thriving company and turning away business seems to be antithetical to that effort.  But it’s not.

The customer is not always right.  That age-old golden rule of business has never been the true test of how well you run your company. Not all clients are a good fit for all companies. Personality conflicts, unrealistic expectations or just plain meanness are all very good reasons that a business relationship may not work out.

It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to sever ties with a client but there are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to cut a customer loose.

  • When communication with them creates anxiety within yourself and your staff. You are responsible for maintaining a happy, healthy work environment.  If you have a client who continuously wreaks havoc on your team, it may be time to direct them elsewhere.
  • When they are rude and disrespectful.  This is a non-starter for me.  If a customer can’t deal with me and my team in a way that is respectful, they have to go.  Period. You have no obligation to be subjected to a toxic relationship.
  • Despite clear instructions to the contrary, they continue to operate outside of the scope of work outlined at the onset of the project.  Managing expectations is key to a smooth relationship. It’s one thing to make changes to the scope of work. It is another to make changes and not expect to pay for it.
  • When they continuously question rates and services.  We charge what we’re worth.  If they are looking for a cheap solution.  We’re not it. We only want to work with clients who value what we bring to the table.

We had a client that despite many, many, many conversations refused to understand the concept of ‘no’.  She had champagne taste on a beer budget but refused to understand that changes cost money and the more complicated something is to create, the more it costs to produce. I pride myself on being able to work with even the most difficult personalities but it became obvious that we weren’t the right firm for her.  For me, my piece of mind and that of my staff outweighed the potential profit. So, I politely suggested that she might be happier with a different company.  There are ways to sever the relationship without it being contentious.  Ultimately, that’s the goal.

When you follow your brand promise, a culture will emerge that aligns with your Brand and tells not only your clients but your staff as well what they can expect.

Remember, you are on the front lines.  Your staff relies on you to protect them. If you want them to stick around, making certain that you maintain a culture of mutual understanding and respect is a pretty simple rule to follow.

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