In part 2 of the series ‘The Power of Viral’, we’re going to talk about another example of how social media plays a part in allowing your customers and fans to give you feedback and engage with your brand.

On Sunday, Venus Williams was playing her 3rd round match at the Sony Open in Miami. The match, however, wasn’t being broadcast on the Tennis Channel. Before the match started, fans outside of Miami complained on social media about it not being on Sunday’s broadcast schedule. Tennis Channel’s Renee Stubbs, posted this message on Twitter after apparently complaining to the WTA.

But a few minutes before match time, Tennis Channel announced that they had successfully negotiated to air the match on their network.

This is a great example of how a brand can use social media to engage their fans. Tennis Channel could have ignored the requests to have the match aired live. Instead, they went the extra mile to make it happen. Companies create loyalty when customers feel that they matter. It often doesn’t require much to make the extra effort and small gestures can go a long way toward instilling a loyal following.