Why Do Your Customers Love You?…..

Do you know what makes someone loyal to a brand? Well here’s a hint: It’s not about price. If you’re worried that the slightest price increase is going to send them running to your nearest competitor then you’re doing something wrong. You have to offer them the best experience, the most reliable service, the intangible that only you can provide that makes them choose you regardless of price.

Case in point: I am a fervently loyal Amazon.com customer. Are they always the least expensive? Nope. But I know I can trust my information with them. I know it will arrive on time. I know if I need to return it there will be no hassle and I can track every purchase I’ve made with them for the past 8+ years right there on their site. To me, it’s worth paying an extra $2 on some widget or thingy to have piece of mind. So stop trying to compete on price and concentrate on the value you’re adding.

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