Are you a dynamic speaker?  Do you know your industry inside and out? Are you struggling to get new clients? Then you need to consider becoming a guest speaker at your next trade show or business conference.

There are many ways to source new clients but few can be as effective as quickly as guest speaking at a conference.

Now, there are obviously caveats to this rule.  If you have an abject fear of speaking in front of people then I think it’s safe to say that this is not a good path for you. But if you have the type of personality that lends itself to public speaking then read on…

Speaking at trade shows and conferences provides you with a spotlight to your target audience. They are there to hear you speak about what you know best – ready-made clients looking to the expert to help solve their problems. It’s a powerful medium to share an idea or concept and an incredible tool for building relationships.

How to become a speaker at a conference? 

  1. Identify your target audience and topic.  These are critical to not only selecting the correct conference for your expertise but also to honing your message and respecting your brand.
  2. Identify which conferences are a good fit.  See #1.  Not every conference or trade show is going to be a good fit for your Brand. Make certain that the people in attendance would be interested in your topic and that it provides value. People want to walk away from your session feeling energized and ready to tackle the next steps.  Remember it’s about them not you. Start small. If you have no experience in public speaking it will be much easier to get a smaller, local conference to consider you for their lineup. 
  3. Reach out to the organizers via email.  Here’s the trick. Be brief. Organizers have a million other things to do to prepare for their event, not to mention other people making the same request as you. Brevity is a virtue here. Remember, your job is to make their life easier.  Introduce yourself, let them know you are interested in speaking at their conference and that your presentation (insert title of presentation here) would be a great fit for their audience. Don’t share your life story and don’t bore them with inane facts about your qualifications. If they are interested, you will have time to do that later. 
  4. Make sure your website is current. When you send out that email, the first thing the organizers are going to do if they are even remotely interested is check you out online.  If your online presence isn’t flawless you can kiss that speaking engagement goodbye. It bears repeating that your website and online presence are the calling cards of today’s digital society.  Keeping everything up to date and relevant should be a part of your permanent marketing strategy.

It might take some time to get established but stick with it.  The boost it can provide to your business is invaluable.

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