Whether you like it or not, you are an extension of your Brand. Back in the day, you could get by without having an executive portrait but those days are dust in the wind. Social media all but ensures that you are visually tied to your brand.

Persephone2.jpgAt a time when so much of day-to-day business is conducted remotely, it’s more important than ever to have a face to go with the name. Executive portraits make the brand personal, it shows professionalism and allows you to connect on an emotional level.

Executive portraiture turns a corporation into an individual and creates a personal connection. Here’s the catch, the only way to create that connection is to add that personal touch. Stock photography won’t cut it. You need a professional photographer to capture the essence of your brand and the captain at her helm.

Executive portraiture has evolved over the years. As business has evolved, so have the types of images used to represent the executive.  You have 3 basic types of portraiture. The one you choose will largely depend on your industry and the visual identity of your company.

  1. Portrait  –  We’ve all seen this style of headshot.  The subject is seated at or on their desk.  It is very traditional and is most often used with c-level executives, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  2. On-location (Environmental/Outdoor) – This style is typically taken on-site at the business location.  Because of the varying backgrounds they can yield a much more engaging image that can simultaneously articulate what the company does.
  3. Studio – These are the typical studio shots with a plain colored backdrop.  The lighting is tightly controlled and you have the option of varying the angles and the lighting but the results will be far less compelling than an on-location shot.

So what kind of portrait do you need?  That depends on your industry and your brand.  But I can tell you this, styles of executive headshots go in and out of fashion just like websites and logos.  What would have been fashionable 10 years ago is staid and dated now.  Not to mention that as you age you need to update your headshot to be representative of the current you.  With the tech boom came an onslaught of companies run by a younger, less traditional demographic. As a result, we have seen very unconventional, casual headshots emerge as a trend.

Some quick takeaways:

  • Update your executive portrait every 3-5 years.  
  • Choose clothes that are representative of your brand (i.e. casual, corporate, artsy)
  • Choose a location or style of portrait that is representative of your brand (on location, in studio)
  • Choose a photographer who understands your brand and can communicate it visually and who has experience in the style of executive portrait you are looking for.

Remember, you are an extension of your Brand.  Be sure to represent it well on all platforms.  A poorly produced headshot can easily damage your brand.

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