Your staff is your front line.  How they interact with clients (both current and future) is possibly the most important part of their job description.

Does your staff represent your brand well? It may seem like an inane question but the reality is your manager, your receptionist…your staff are the people your clients will interact with most often. A simple phone call to the office or a request for additional information can put customers directly in touch with someone on your team.  That interaction should be memorable (and not in a negative way). Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful company and everyone on your team should understand how critically important it is to handle clients properly. It is not an understatement to say it can make or break the business.

Case in point: We were in the process of reaching out to various vendors for a client event.  After a 3-minute phone conversation, the manager realizing that we weren’t explicitly hiring them for the event, proceeded to thank me for wasting her time and hung up on me. Rude doesn’t begin to describe her behavior.

I am still amazed at how shortsighted people can be. You never know who is on the receiving end of a conversation and rudeness should never be an option especially when a simple “we’re not interested” will do.  Common decency aside, you have now ostracized a potential client and referral source because common courtesy was too much of an effort.

Do you have a system in place to ensure everyone on your team meets your standards for successful client interactions? When was the last time you called your office to see how your receptionist answers the phone? Your brand is a delicate flower and it requires care and effort to ensure that it’s not tarnished.  Are you certain your staff is representing you well?

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