Components of a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail is one of many marketing devices you can use to promote your business. To run a successful campaign you need to follow some very simple rules. 

After reading Direct Mail Pros and Cons, you’ve decided that direct mail is a good fit for your company or organization.  Now what?

The components of a direct mail campaign are fairly simple.

1. Your List – This is critical. There are two types of lists.  A house list, which is typically comprised of current customers and potential leads or a rented list which you purchase from third party vendors which are typically single use or subscription based. We are going to focus on the rented list for the purposes of this article. There are many different list companies who can help you reach the right audience. Your target audience. The beauty of list rental is the ability for hyper-segmentation. If you are looking for single mothers, between the ages of 30 & 32, with 2 children who have recently taken a Disney World vacation and live in the 92110 zip code you can probably get that list. The more segmented the list the more expensive it will be, but if you know your target market, it is well worth the expense.

2. The Headline – Like every marketing piece you need to grab the attention of your audience.  A well-written headline is worth its weight in gold. Remember you’re not selling a service you’re providing a solution to a problem.  Make sure that the language on your direct mail piece reflects that.

3. The Creative – Make it pretty.  I know this seems obvious but visuals are key. Photos from a professional stock house can do wonders in helping you drive home your message.  Make sure the copy is well written and visually appealing.

4. The Call to Action – Every direct mail piece should have a call to action. You want to create a sense of urgency.  Attention spans are incredibly short and you want to be certain to capitalize on all the work you put into creating the direct mail piece.  You can offer an incentive for buying within a certain time frame, a special discount offer, a bonus gift if they “act now.”

5. Rinse and Repeat – It typically takes 5-8 touches for a potential client to make the leap to purchase.  A consistent mailing schedule will keep you top of mind and will build brand recognition.

Set measurable goals. Track your results. Make a plan for following up. Improve your results by increasing what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Bolster your direct mail with telephone and email. Keep identifying new markets and never overlook the value of testing — test envelopes, opening lines, mailing lists… The better the mailing list, the better your response rate.

We Can Help

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