What is a Website?

As your first introduction to a prospective client, your website should make a lasting impression, provide essential information, and guide visitors to specific actions. Although website design trends change over time, the core elements remain in place. Let’s examine how each element helps shape a website visitor’s experience.


Your website layout is very important. It must be easy to use and it should contain only the most essential information. Visitors should be guided to next steps in a natural progression. For best results, keep your website layout as simple as possible.

And, to ensure that visitors who surf the Web from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops have positive experiences with your brand, responsive web design is a must.


The size, shape, and style of typefaces on your website are an expression of your brand personality. As a matter of simplicity, it is best to keep your fonts to a maximum of three and be sure to select fonts that will be compatible with multiple web browsers and devices.


Undoubtedly, color is one of the most powerful tools a web design firm has. Whether you grab your visitors’ attention with striking contrasts or mesmerize them with kaleidoscopic gradients, be careful not to combine more than five colors in one web design. Hungry for more? Check out these colorful award-winning websites.


When a visitor arrives at your website for the first time, the composition they see communicates your entire existence in a matter of seconds. It is essential that this image accurately represents your brand. Whenever possible, it is best to use custom photography for corporate branding.

A prominent treatment used in modern website design involves dominating the entire display with a large powerful image, which is referred to as a hero image. The intention is to evoke a response that will lead the visitor to curiously explore the remainder of the website. To avoid delays related to image-loading, ensure that all of your images are uploaded at the appropriate resolution for display on the Web. See how many of these prize-winning beauties utilize hero images? It’s truly amazing.


Our eyes are naturally drawn to motion. Whether it is used as the main feature of a home page, a muted monotone background, a product demo, or a client testimonial, using video is more likely to grab the attention of website visitors than any photograph, creative layout, or compelling headline. But, be careful, video content must be exceptional to be effective.


Position yourself as a thought leader by speaking to your website visitors in their own language. Develop a clear understanding of your prospective clients and taper your content so that it appeals to them directly, addressing their needs and solving their problems.

Be careful not to go overboard. Leave some room for questions, digging deeper, and cultivating the relationship over time. If you reveal all your tricks at your first meeting, whatever will you discuss next time?

Your New Website

When you are ready to launch a new website or revamp your website design, you might find inspiration in this post which provides detailed explanations of several of the elements we have touched upon.

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