By now I’m sure you’ve seen the selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Academy Awards about a million times. What makes the photo so cool isn’t the picture itself but what it represents. The power of viral.

The photo is the very definition of something going viral.  That photo has been retweeted over 3 million times.  3 million.  That’s an astonishing figure.  What it illustrates though, is how powerful social media really is. Now let’s be realistic, you don’t have the star power or a captive audience in the Oscars to get that kind of response but you can use sites like twitter to gain exposure for your business and your personal brand.  If you can get the people connected to you to engage with your content, you have the power to travel beyond your current sphere of influence. Figure out what is important to your target audience and take the time to create content that matters to them.

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